Global Leaders to Gather in Abu Dhabi for Strategic Forum

The Emirates Policy Center (EPC), a prominent think tank based in Abu Dhabi, will be hosting the Abu Dhabi Strategic Forum (ADSF) on November 13 and 14. This marks the third iteration of the ADSF, a platform designed to foster dialogue between international policymakers, scholars, and business leaders on critical issues impacting the world today.

The ADSF has established itself as a premier venue for discussing a wide range of geopolitical topics. Previous forums have tackled issues like the global pandemic's long-term effects, the evolving balance of power, and the challenges of unconventional security threats. It is anticipated that the upcoming forum will address similarly relevant themes, bringing together diverse perspectives to illuminate potential solutions.

The EPC, established in 2013, is the first think tank in the region to be led by women. The organization is committed to providing independent, policy-relevant analysis on a variety of topics. Through conferences, publications, and other initiatives, the EPC endeavors to bridge the gap between research and policymaking.

The Abu Dhabi Strategic Forum stands as a testament to the UAE's growing role on the world stage. By convening leading international figures, the ADSF serves as a platform to not only discuss pressing issues but also to foster collaboration in addressing them. The upcoming forum promises to be a significant event, bringing together a multitude of viewpoints to illuminate the path forward on critical global challenges.

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