France, UAE Forge Closer Cultural and Educational Links

The Department of Government Relations (DGR) in Sharjah and the Alliance Française have joined forces to strengthen cultural and educational ties between France and the United Arab Emirates. This collaboration aims to build on the existing foundation of cultural exchange and significantly promote French language learning opportunities within the region.

One of the key initiatives under this partnership was the global launch of the educational and entertainment application, "Tivi5 Monde, " by the French broadcaster TV5 Monde. The launch, hosted by the Alliance Française at the House of Wisdom in Sharjah, attracted a distinguished audience that included Sheikh Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasimi, Director of DGR, ambassadors, representatives from various Alliance Française affiliates in the UAE, and heads of French schools in Sharjah and Dubai.

"Tivi5 Monde" serves as an innovative platform designed to make learning French an engaging experience, particularly for children and young adults. The application offers interactive videos and a variety of entertaining activities that cover a wide range of topics, effectively aiding users in acquiring French vocabulary and sentence structures.

The Alliance Française, with the backing of the DGR, also participated in the UAE Schools & Nursery Show at the Expo Centre Sharjah. This event provided a valuable platform for the Alliance Française to connect with the educational and academic community in the UAE. It allowed them to showcase their unique approach to language learning that blends education with entertainment, while reaffirming their commitment to delivering high-quality educational experiences for the UAE public.

This collaboration extends beyond language learning. The DGR and the Alliance Française are working together to introduce a series of new initiatives that will further strengthen cultural ties between the two nations. These initiatives are expected to encompass various art forms, film screenings, and potentially even academic exchange programs, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of French culture within the UAE.

The UAE has seen a growing interest in French language and culture in recent years. This partnership between the DGR and the Alliance Française is a significant step towards fulfilling this demand by providing accessible and engaging avenues for learning the French language and exploring French culture. By fostering cultural exchange and educational opportunities, this collaboration is poised to cultivate a stronger and more multifaceted relationship between France and the UAE.

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