Fitbit Targets Kids with Wristband-Pet Hybrid

Fitbit is making a splash in the kid-tech market with their latest offering, the Ace LTE. This smartwatch merges aspects of popular gaming consoles like the Wii with the virtual pet craze of the 90s, the Tamagotchi. Targeting children aged 7 and above, the Ace LTE prioritizes gamification over pure fitness metrics to keep youngsters active.

Unlike adult Fitbits that track steps and calories burned, the Ace LTE focuses on movement-based play. By incorporating motion controls similar to the Wii remote, the watch transforms physical activity into interactive games. Kids can race as a chicken in a bathtub through outer space or fish for a Blobfish in a virtual lake. The more they move, the more they progress in these wacky games. Fitbit even throws in a delightful twist – virtual pets called Eejies. These Eejies act much like Tamagotchis, thriving on a child's movement. Completing activities earns them "arcade tickets, " a virtual currency used to buy accessories and decorations for their Eejies.

But the Ace LTE isn't all fun and games. Recognizing the importance of parental control, Fitbit has incorporated safety features. The watch allows parents to stay connected with their children through location sharing and messaging functionalities. To prevent overuse, the device discourages excessive activity by limiting in-game rewards once a specific threshold is reached.

This unique blend of fitness tracking, gamification, and virtual pets makes the Ace LTE a compelling option for parents seeking to nudge their children away from screens and towards a more active lifestyle. Fitbit's collaboration with child development experts ensures the device is not only engaging but also age-appropriate. With its interactive features and safety measures, the Ace LTE promises to be a hit amongst kids, all while subtly encouraging healthy habits.

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