Environment Agency Takes Over Waste Management Licensing in Abu Dhabi

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has assumed responsibility for issuing licenses related to waste management and recycling activities in the emirate. This shift, effective as of May 30th, 2024, streamlines waste management operations by centralizing regulatory oversight under the EAD.

Previously, Tadweer, the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company, handled waste management licensing. The transfer aligns with Tadweer's evolving mandate and strengthens the EAD's role as the environmental authority in Abu Dhabi.

The EAD will now oversee a wide range of waste management activities through the issuance of licenses and permits. This includes waste transportation, trade, and treatment operations. Additionally, the agency will manage the permitting process for waste export outside the emirate and for small construction projects.

Faisal Ali Al Hammadi, Executive Director of the Environmental Quality Sector at EAD, emphasized the agency's commitment to a clean and healthy environment for Abu Dhabi residents. He highlighted the EAD's new role as the Sector Regulatory Authority (SRA) for the waste sector, ensuring adherence to occupational safety and health regulations.

The transition is designed to be seamless for both waste management service providers and residents. Customers will continue to access waste management services through existing government digital platforms like TAMM and Meps. The EAD is working closely with stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition and continued best practices in the waste management sector.

This change signifies a strategic shift for Abu Dhabi's waste management landscape. By consolidating licensing and regulatory functions under the EAD, the emirate aims to enhance environmental protection and promote a more efficient and sustainable waste management system.

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