Enhanced Healthcare Access for People of Determination Through ZHO-Burjeel Medical City Partnership

The Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) and Burjeel Medical City (BMC) have joined forces to improve healthcare accessibility for people with disabilities in the United Arab Emirates. This collaboration, solidified through a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signifies a commitment to expanding the range of community-based services available to this group.

The MoU signing ceremony, held at BMC facilities, was officiated by Abdullah Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of ZHO, and Aysha Al Mahri, Deputy CEO of BMC. Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Founder and Chairman of Burjeel Holdings, along with key representatives from both organizations, witnessed the momentous occasion.

This strategic partnership underscores a shared vision of providing specialized treatments, rehabilitation services, and early intervention programs for people of determination. A crucial aspect of the agreement involves collaboration on offering occupational therapy, speech therapy, and behavior modification services at the Abu Dhabi Autism Centre, under the joint supervision of the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Department.

Furthermore, the MoU paves the way for the expansion of rehabilitative and therapeutic services at ZHO's existing therapy centers. Additionally, a team of specialists, including rehabilitation doctors, paediatricians, neurologists, and general practitioners, will be assembled to support behavior modification initiatives.

Early detection of disabilities is another area of focus within this partnership. The agreement facilitates ZHO's "Ifhas" initiative, designed to identify and prevent chronic diseases among employees and their families. BMC will also collaborate on implementing early detection programs for disabilities during pre- and post-pregnancy stages.

The MoU extends its reach to encompass support for aspiring athletes. ZHO members will gain access to Burjeel Darak facilities, along with the advanced sports rehabilitation hall located within BMC. This enhanced infrastructure will empower people of determination to actively participate in the Olympics and various sporting events.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the partnership, Abdullah Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of ZHO, emphasized how this collaboration aligns with ZHO's ongoing efforts to provide a comprehensive range of care and rehabilitation services to its members. He highlighted the shared vision for social responsibility and its role in achieving sustainable social development and fostering a healthy and inclusive society.

This collaborative effort by ZHO and Burjeel Medical City represents a significant step forward in ensuring equitable access to healthcare services for people of determination within the UAE. The combined expertise and resources will undoubtedly contribute to improved health outcomes and a more empowered future for this segment of the population.

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