Emirati Makes Waves in Formula 4 Powerboat Racing

Alia Abdul Salam has carved her name into the record books, becoming the first Emirati woman to compete in Formula 4 powerboat racing. The 21-year-old achieved this feat alongside earning her International Driving Licence, signifying her dedication and prowess in the high-octane world of powerboating.

Abdul Salam's passion for speed wasn't born in a vacuum. Her father, Abdul Salam Fairooz, was a shining star in Formula 2 racing during the 1990s, and his influence clearly played a role in her own journey. It all began with a foray into the fast-paced world of "fast visitor races, " where she honed her skills and sharpened her competitive edge.

Her determination and talent were not lost on those around her. The UAE Water Sport Federation enthusiastically welcomed Abdul Salam into their fold, recognizing the potential she embodied. Salem Al Rumaithi, a member of the federation, expressed his delight at her achievement, highlighting how Abdul Salam's success "showcases that this field is no longer limited to men only. " This sentiment underscores the significance of her accomplishment, which breaks down barriers and paves the way for future generations of Emirati women to embrace this thrilling motorsport.

Beyond inspiring others, Abdul Salam herself is brimming with ambition. Her sights are set firmly on future triumphs. She aspires to not only excel in Formula 4 races but also to represent the UAE with pride on the international stage. Upcoming summer competitions in Scandinavia and Finland are on her horizon, and her participation will be closely watched by those cheering her on.

Abdul Salam's story is one of perseverance, family legacy, and a passion that transcends gender norms. Her achievement serves as a beacon for young Emirati girls, demonstrating that traditionally male-dominated fields are not out of reach. As she carves her path in the world of Formula 4 powerboat racing, Alia Abdul Salam is not just making waves – she is inspiring a generation to come.

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