Dubai Police Anti-Narcotics Expands E-Learning Program to Universities

Dubai's police narcotics department is gearing up to implement a successful e-learning program on drug awareness,previously targeted at high school students,to now encompass university students as well.

The initiative,spearheaded by the General Department of Anti-Narcotics,signifies a strategic shift towards utilizing technology to broaden the reach of their educational programs.This program,known as the Smart E-learning Program,has already garnered positive feedback from participating schools.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr.Jumaa Sultan Al Shamsi,Director of the Awareness and Prevention Department at the General Department of Anti-Narcotics,recently met with a delegation of 25 university directors and officials in Dubai Academic City.Dr.Al Shamsi emphasized the program's effectiveness in facilitating remote lectures via high-quality video conferencing.This approach has proven successful in engaging with high school students,and the expansion to universities reflects a commitment to reaching young people at different stages of their academic journey.

The meeting served as an introductory session,allowing university representatives to gain a comprehensive understanding of the program's benefits.Dr.Al Shamsi highlighted the program's interactive elements and its ability to address contemporary drug trends.The positive reception from university leaders signifies a promising step towards integrating the program into university curriculums.University officials expressed their enthusiasm for the program and a willingness to connect their institutions to the e-learning platform.

This expansion of the e-learning program represents a significant development in Dubai Police's ongoing efforts to combat drug use.By leveraging technology to educate young adults,the program aims to equip them with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions and avoid the dangers of drug use.The program's success in the school system,coupled with the positive response from university leaders,paves the way for a comprehensive educational initiative that empowers young people across Dubai.

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