Dubai, Kazakhstan Businesses Forge Closer Ties with New Council

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce, a leading entity under Dubai Chambers, has taken a significant step to bolster trade and investment links between Dubai and Kazakhstan with the launch of the Kazakhstan Business Council. This initiative reflects the burgeoning commercial relationship between the two regions, underscored by the rising number of Kazakh businesses registered with the Dubai Chamber.

By the close of the first quarter of 2024, a remarkable 589 Kazakh companies were listed as active members of the Dubai Chamber, highlighting the growing appeal of Dubai as a business hub for Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan Business Council aims to capitalize on this momentum by fostering deeper connections and facilitating mutually beneficial trade and investment opportunities between Dubai and Kazakhstan.

The inaugural meeting of the Kazakhstan Business Council's General Assembly was held recently at the Dubai Chambers headquarters. The assembly participants engaged in productive discussions centered on expanding the council's membership to ensure advantages for both Dubai and Kazakhstan. Additionally, they outlined a program of events scheduled for the coming year.

The establishment of the Kazakhstan Business Council is a strategic move by the Dubai Chamber to solidify Dubai's position as a preferred trade and investment gateway for Central Asia. This council will serve as a bridge, connecting businesses from Dubai with their counterparts in Kazakhstan and vice versa. It will offer a platform for exchange of knowledge, identification of potential business partnerships, and exploration of collaborative ventures across various sectors.

This initiative aligns perfectly with the Dubai Chamber's ongoing commitment to supporting the international expansion of its members. By creating a platform for dialogue and collaboration between Dubai and Kazakh businesses, the council is expected to generate significant trade and investment flows. This will contribute to Dubai's ambitious plan to elevate its foreign trade volume to AED 2 trillion by 2026.

The launch of the Kazakhstan Business Council is the latest in a series of proactive measures undertaken by the Dubai Chamber to strengthen economic ties with key markets across the globe. The Dubai Chamber actively fosters business councils with various countries, providing valuable platforms for companies to connect, forge partnerships, and unlock new avenues for economic cooperation.

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