DIFC launches platform for funding SMEs

Family-owned businesses and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Dubai gained a new avenue to secure funding with the launch of Arena, a platform established by the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). Designed to function as a private market for capital raising, listing, and investments, Arena aims to bridge the gap between these businesses and potential investors seeking diversification.

Traditionally, companies seeking significant capital injections have relied on the process of initial public offerings (IPOs) to enter the public market. However, IPOs can be complex and expensive endeavors, often posing a deterrent for smaller businesses. Arena offers a streamlined alternative by facilitating private placements, allowing companies to raise capital directly from a network of pre-vetted investors.

The platform caters to a broad spectrum of private companies, encompassing family conglomerates, SMEs, and businesses at various stages of development. Companies seeking to raise over AED 35 million (approximately USD 9.53 million) can leverage Arena's cost-effective approach to access this extensive investor network.

DFM, through Arena, fosters a collaborative environment that prioritizes transparency throughout the fundraising process. Issuers benefit from streamlined offerings, including efficient memorandum review and expedited timelines, leading to potentially reduced transaction costs.

Arena's launch coincides with Dubai's ongoing efforts to establish itself as a leading financial hub. By introducing this platform, the DFM aims to empower private enterprises to actively participate in the capital markets and unlock new avenues for growth. Investors, on the other hand, gain exclusive access to a wider range of investment opportunities, including participation in the exciting world of early-stage ventures.

The introduction of Arena is anticipated to create a more dynamic and inclusive financial ecosystem in Dubai. Family businesses and SMEs, which are the backbone of many economies, will have a more accessible option to secure funding for expansion and innovation. This, in turn, is expected to contribute to job creation and economic diversification in the region.

With Arena, the DFM has positioned itself as a facilitator for the next wave of growth in Dubai's business landscape. By enabling private companies to tap into private capital, Arena has the potential to unlock the true potential of these businesses and propel them towards achieving their long-term ambitions.

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