Chicago's Linden Capital Partners Gains Investment Boost from Global Firms

Linden Capital Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm specializing in healthcare, has secured a minority stake investment from a consortium led by international alternative investment firms. The joint venture, comprising New York Stock Exchange-listed Blue Owl Capital and Abu Dhabi-based Lunate Capital, aims to support Linden's continued growth and strategic development.

The financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed. However, a statement from Linden confirms the investment will be passive, enabling the firm to leverage the capital for platform expansion and strategic initiatives. Founded in 2004, Linden has established itself as a prominent player in the US healthcare private equity landscape, boasting approximately $8 billion in regulatory assets under management. Their investment portfolio spans over 45 healthcare companies across more than 350 transactions. Their focus lies in middle-market platforms within targeted sub-sectors such as healthcare services, medical products, and specialty distribution.

This investment by Blue Owl and Lunate signifies a confluence of interests. For Linden, the capital infusion will undoubtedly fuel their ongoing endeavors. For Blue Owl, the deal aligns with their GP Strategic Capital platform's mission of investing in private market investment managers, established in February 2024. Lunate, owned by the Abu Dhabi sovereign-backed Chimera Investment with over $105 billion in assets under management, gains exposure to a well-regarded US healthcare private equity firm through this joint venture.

The collaboration between Blue Owl and Lunate underscores a growing trend of international investment firms seeking opportunities within the US healthcare sector. Linden's established track record and focus on specific sub-sectors within healthcare likely made them an attractive target for this investment. The capital and strategic insights gleaned from this partnership are expected to propel Linden's future endeavors.

While the terms of the deal remain confidential, the investment by Blue Owl and Lunate undoubtedly strengthens Linden's position in the market. This collaboration between international and US-based firms highlights the dynamic nature of the healthcare private equity landscape, where strategic partnerships are fostering growth and development across borders.

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