Chainfeeds Founder Outlines Challenges for New Tokens

New cryptocurrency projects seeking to launch in 2024 face a complex balancing act,according to Pan Zhixiong,founder of data analysis firm Chainfeeds.Pan outlined a concept he termed the "impossible triangle" for token launches,highlighting three key considerations that are difficult to achieve simultaneously:securing a listing on Binance,the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange,maintaining a low token valuation,and implementing a short lock-up period,also known as a cliff.

Binance listings are highly sought after by new projects due to the exchange's vast user base and the potential for significant trading volume.However,Binance typically lists tokens with established track records or those backed by prominent venture capitalists,often at a more mature stage when valuations are already higher.This creates the first hurdle in the "impossible triangle."

On the other hand,projects with lower token valuations are more likely to attract early investors seeking higher potential returns.However,these projects may struggle to gain Binance's attention due to their lack of established reputation or traction.This dynamic creates a tension between affordability for investors and exchange visibility.

The third element of the triangle pertains to token lock-up periods,or cliffs.Cliffs refer to a set timeframe during which investors who purchase tokens during the initial sale are unable to sell them.This mechanism is intended to incentivize long-term commitment from project founders and early backers.However,short cliffs can be more appealing to investors seeking liquidity,while longer cliffs can bolster project credibility by demonstrating the team's commitment.

Pan suggests that navigating this "impossible triangle" requires careful strategic planning by new projects.Striking a balance between these three factors will be crucial for attracting investors and ensuring long-term success.Projects may need to prioritize based on their specific goals and target audience.Those seeking a wider reach through a Binance listing may need to accept a higher valuation or a longer lock-up period.Conversely,projects prioritizing affordability for early investors may need to explore alternative launchpads or focus on building community credibility before seeking a major exchange listing.

The "impossible triangle" highlights the complex considerations involved in launching a successful cryptocurrency project in today's competitive landscape.By carefully considering these factors,new projects can increase their chances of navigating the launch landscape and achieving their fundraising objectives.

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