Bahrain's SICO, Oman's Tanmia Forge Partnership for $126 Million Liquidity Fund

In a move designed to bolster the Muscat Stock Exchange (MSE), Bahrain's SICO, a prominent regional asset manager, has joined forces with Oman's Tanmia, a leading investment and fund management company, to launch the Tanmia Liquidity Fund. Valued at $126 million, the fund aims to enhance market depth and liquidity on the Omani bourse while simultaneously pursuing long-term capital growth for its investors.

The official launch of the Tanmia Liquidity Fund took place at the Muscat Stock Exchange on Thursday. Tanmia, the Omani partner, will act as the investment manager for the fund, leveraging its expertise in the local market. SICO, boasting $6. 2 billion in assets under management, will bring its experience as a regional asset manager and broker to the table.

This collaboration aligns with the ongoing reforms being implemented within Oman's capital markets. These reforms include the introduction of new regulations pertaining to market making activities and a surge in announcements for upcoming initial public offerings (IPOs). The Tanmia Liquidity Fund is expected to play a significant role in supporting these developments by increasing trading activity and overall market stability.

Analysts believe that the fund's launch will have a positive ripple effect on the Omani economy. By enhancing liquidity, the fund can entice more investors to participate in the Muscat Stock Exchange, thereby boosting foreign direct investment and fueling economic growth. Additionally, the fund's focus on achieving long-term capital appreciation can provide attractive returns for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios.

SICO's Chief Executive Officer, commenting on the partnership, expressed optimism about the fund's potential to contribute to the development of the Omani capital markets. He highlighted SICO's commitment to collaborating with regional partners to create innovative solutions that benefit investors and foster market growth.

Tanmia's representatives echoed this sentiment, emphasizing their dedication to working alongside SICO to introduce the Tanmia Liquidity Fund and contribute to a more dynamic and robust Muscat Stock Exchange. They believe the fund will serve as a catalyst for attracting new investments and propelling Oman's capital markets towards a period of significant expansion.

The launch of the Tanmia Liquidity Fund signifies a collaborative effort between Bahrain and Oman to strengthen the regional financial landscape. By fostering deeper market liquidity and growth, the fund has the potential to unlock new opportunities for investors and contribute to the economic prosperity of both nations.

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