Aroya Cruises

Cruise Saudi, the kingdom's public investment fund-backed cruise operator, has christened Aroya Cruises, marking Saudi Arabia's debut in the cruise industry. The launch signifies a major milestone for the country's Vision 2030 diversification plan, aiming to broaden its economic base beyond oil.

Aroya, derived from the words "Arabian" and "roya" meaning "vision" or "dream, " promises an immersive cruise experience catering specifically to regional preferences. The cruise line boasts a flagship vessel – an impressive 335-meter vessel akin to a floating resort. This luxurious ship features 1, 678 cabins, including balcony cabins with breathtaking sea views, alongside opulent suites and villas, offering a haven for over 3, 362 passengers.

Designed with the Arabian market in mind, Aroya Cruises prioritizes distinctive experiences tailored for various demographics. Passengers can expect innovative cabin designs, along with meticulously curated entertainment programs suitable for all ages and groups. From delectable cuisine to exceptional service, every detail promises to reflect the spirit of innovation and quintessential Arabian hospitality.

Aroya's grand voyage sets sail from Jeddah in December 2024. The meticulously planned itinerary encompasses captivating destinations within the Red Sea, including the cruise line's private island. Passengers can also look forward to shore excursions in Egypt and Jordan, allowing them to delve into the region's rich history and stunning natural beauty.

The launch of Aroya Cruises is a significant step for Saudi Arabia's burgeoning tourism industry. Cruise Saudi anticipates welcoming a staggering 1. 3 million guests by 2035, with the potential to generate 50, 000 direct and indirect jobs. This initiative is poised to make significant contributions to the kingdom's economic diversification goals.

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