AI Powerhouse Presight Teams Up With Intel to Drive Middle Eastern Innovation

The United Arab Emirates' (UAE) artificial intelligence (AI) leader, Presight AI Holding, has joined forces with tech giant Intel in a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of cutting-edge AI solutions across the Middle East. This collaboration brings together Presight's expertise in big data analytics and AI with Intel's industry-leading cloud computing and processor technology.

The cornerstone of the partnership lies in the co-creation of next-generation AI products. A key focus will be on leveraging open-source tools and industry standards to optimize AI software for efficient handling of complex workloads. This collaborative approach aims to ensure the scalability and accessibility of AI solutions for a wider range of businesses and organizations.

Data security and privacy are paramount considerations in the age of AI. The partnership recognizes this by prioritizing the implementation of confidential AI technologies. This involves safeguarding sensitive data used in AI models throughout their lifecycle, from the initial training stage to the final inference stage where models are used to make predictions. Additionally, Intel's trust authority technologies will be utilized to verify the trustworthiness of the platforms running these AI models, further bolstering data security and integrity within the entire AI ecosystem.

Presight's recent acquisition of a majority stake in AIQ, a joint venture between the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Group and G42, a leading technology company in the UAE, further strengthens its position in the regional AI landscape. This strategic move provides Presight with access to valuable data and resources within the energy sector, a domain ripe for AI-driven optimization.

The collaboration between Presight and Intel is expected to significantly impact the development of smart cities across the Middle East. Through joint research and development (R&D) initiatives, the partners aim to harness the power of AI to optimize urban infrastructure, enhance resource management, and improve the overall quality of life for citizens.

By combining Presight's regional expertise and Intel's global technological prowess, this partnership presents a significant opportunity for the advancement of AI innovation in the Middle East. The focus on open-source tools, data security, and smart city development positions this collaboration as a driving force in shaping the future of AI in the region.

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