ADNOC Distribution Accelerates EV Push with 200 Fast Chargers by Year-End

ADNOC Distribution, a major fuel and retail operator in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is making a significant push towards electric vehicles (EVs) by rapidly expanding its fast-charging infrastructure. The company announced plans to install between 150 and 200 fast-charging points by the end of 2024, significantly increasing the accessibility of electric transportation across its network of stations in the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

This ambitious target comes as part of ADNOC Distribution's five-year growth and expansion strategy, which aims to position the company as a leader in the multi-energy sector. Engineer Bader Saeed Al Lamki, CEO of ADNOC Distribution, highlighted the company's commitment to sustainability and innovation during a recent forum. "Beyond fuel services, ADNOC Distribution is taking significant steps towards bolstering its support for electric vehicles, indicating a shift towards more sustainable energy solutions, " Al Lamki said.

The expansion of the EV charging network complements ADNOC Distribution's plans to broaden its network of fuel stations. The company aims to add between 15 and 20 new stations this year in convenient locations across its operating area. This focus on accessibility extends to the EV charging infrastructure, with the new fast chargers being strategically placed at key stations to optimize convenience for EV drivers.

ADNOC Distribution's investment in EV charging reflects the growing demand for electric vehicles in the region. Government initiatives promoting sustainable transportation solutions and a rising focus on environmental consciousness among consumers are driving the EV market in the UAE and neighboring countries. By expanding its charging infrastructure, ADNOC Distribution is well-positioned to cater to this growing demand and establish itself as a key player in the future of mobility.

The company's long-term vision goes beyond the current target. ADNOC Distribution plans to install a total of 500 fast chargers over the next five years. This comprehensive plan signifies a commitment to creating a robust EV charging network that can support the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles in the region.

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