Abu Dhabi Municipality Unveils Fresh Initiatives to Bolster City Services

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) in Abu Dhabi has announced a series of new assignments aimed at enhancing the emirate's municipal services across various sectors. This strategic move underscores the DMT's commitment to fostering a sustainable and thriving urban environment for Abu Dhabi's residents and businesses.

One key area of focus is the real estate sector. The launch of the Abu Dhabi Real Estate Centre (ADREC) streamlines regulations and oversight processes. ADREC will actively participate in industry events and conferences, promoting Abu Dhabi as a prime destination for investors and developers. This initiative signifies the DMT's dedication to fostering a more dynamic and transparent real estate market.

Public health and safety also take center stage in the new assignments. The DMT is implementing a series of initiatives to promote water conservation in public parks and gardens. Educational workshops will equip residents with knowledge on sustainable irrigation practices, fostering a collaborative effort in preserving the emirate's natural beauty.

Furthermore, the DMT recognizes the importance of infrastructure development. The recent expansion of Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) with the launch of the Abu Dhabi Construction City (ADCC) caters to the growing needs of the construction sector. This dedicated zone offers pre-built warehouses and light industrial units, facilitating efficient manufacturing, import, storage, and distribution of construction materials. The ADCC expansion reflects the DMT's commitment to supporting infrastructure projects and fostering economic growth.

Beyond these specific initiatives, the DMT emphasizes its dedication to continuous improvement across all its sectors. The department recognizes the evolving needs of a burgeoning metropolis and is committed to implementing innovative solutions to enhance the overall quality of life for Abu Dhabi's residents. This commitment extends to streamlining public services, ensuring efficient waste management, and upholding stringent safety standards.

The unveiling of these new assignments underscores the DMT's proactive approach to urban development. By fostering a collaborative environment between various stakeholders, the DMT paves the way for a more sustainable, vibrant, and future-proof Abu Dhabi.

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