Abu Dhabi Housing Authority Simplifies Grant Conveyance Procedures

The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA) announced a new initiative to streamline the process for citizens seeking to convey housing grants awarded under legislation predating October 2nd, 2018. This move aims to expedite requests concerning the sale or exchange of these grants between citizens.

The newly formed committee will specifically address cases that arose before the aforementioned date, ensuring compliance with the regulations in place at that time. The committee will prioritize public interest throughout the process.

Citizens can submit their requests to the ISKAN Abu Dhabi Centre from May 6th, 2024, until July 31st, 2024. To ensure efficient processing, ADHA emphasized the importance of including specific documents within the submitted requests. These documents include the relevant contract for sale or exchange, along with official proof of any financial transactions associated with the conveyance process, such as payments made or received.

This initiative by ADHA is expected to benefit a significant number of citizens in Abu Dhabi by simplifying the procedures for conveying housing grants awarded under the pre-October 2018 legislation. The designated timeframe for accepting requests allows for an organized approach to handling these cases while adhering to the relevant regulations. The emphasis on prior legislation ensures clarity and fairness for citizens who received grants under the older guidelines.

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