Zayed Higher Centres Sign Language Celebration Rings In Arab Deaf Week

The Zayed Higher Centres (ZHC) kicked off Arab Deaf Week with a vibrant celebration of Emirati Deaf culture and empowerment. The week-long initiative, held under the patronage of the Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO), aims to raise awareness about the rights and contributions of the Deaf community.

Throughout the week, ZHC centers across the UAE will host a variety of engaging activities designed to foster inclusion and understanding. Events will include interactive workshops on sign language, art exhibitions showcasing the talents of Deaf artists, and educational seminars focusing on communication and accessibility tools.

One highlight of the program is a dedicated film screening showcasing short movies produced by Deaf filmmakers. This initiative provides a platform for Deaf voices to be heard and their stories to be shared.

ZHO Director General, His Excellency, emphasized the role of the Zayed Higher Centres in promoting a more inclusive society. "Arab Deaf Week is a crucial opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the Deaf community and highlight the importance of sign language as a vital mode of communication," he stated. "Through these events, we aim to break down communication barriers and empower Deaf individuals to reach their full potential."

The week will also feature sporting events designed to showcase the athletic prowess of Deaf athletes. Friendly football and basketball matches will be held, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and community spirit.

Families are a key focus of the ZHC's Arab Deaf Week program. Interactive workshops will equip parents and siblings with basic sign language skills, allowing them to better communicate and connect with their Deaf loved ones.

The celebration culminates in a special awards ceremony recognizing the achievements of outstanding members of the Deaf community. These awards acknowledge the contributions of Deaf individuals in various fields, from education and art to entrepreneurship and advocacy.

The Zayed Higher Centres' Arab Deaf Week program serves as a springboard for ongoing initiatives that promote Deaf inclusion. By fostering understanding and appreciation for Deaf culture, the ZHC endeavors to create a more accessible and equitable society for all.

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