UAE Online Shopping Shifts as Storm Clouds Gather

Recent severe weather in the UAE has significantly impacted online shopping habits, according to a new analysis by global payments solutions provider The data reveals both sectors that boomed during the storm and those that saw a decline.

While supermarkets saw a steep 24% drop in online transactions, likely due to people staying home and disrupted supply chains, other sectors thrived. The travel industry witnessed a surge, with flight ticket purchases increasing a remarkable 47% as travelers adjusted plans due to the storm. Similarly, hotels and accommodation bookings rose by 11% as stranded individuals sought alternative arrangements.

The storm also fueled a surge in online education, with a 31% increase in online training and education transactions. This highlights the growing demand for flexible learning options, especially during disruptions. Interestingly, online clothing purchases also jumped by 13%, suggesting a shift towards the convenience of home shopping during the bad weather.

"The fluctuations in online payment transactions following the recent unprecedented weather conditions highlight the dynamic nature of consumer behavior and market conditions," said Remo Giovanni Abbondandolo, MENA General Manager at "Our data-driven insights enable businesses to adapt and thrive in such challenging environments."

The data provides valuable insights for businesses across industries. Sectors like supermarkets that experienced a decline can use this information to improve delivery options or offer incentives to encourage online shopping during similar situations. Conversely, sectors like online education can leverage the data to further promote the flexibility and convenience of their offerings.

Overall, the analysis by paints a fascinating picture of how consumer behavior adapts to even the most unexpected events. As the UAE rebuilds from the storm, businesses that can adapt their strategies based on these insights will be well-positioned to thrive in the evolving online marketplace.

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