UAE Extends Warm Wishes to Jordan on Independence Day

On Sunday, April 21, 2024, the leaders of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) sent their warmest greetings to King Abdullah II of Jordan and the Jordanian people on the occasion of the country's Independence Day.

The UAE and Jordan have consistently cultivated a strong bilateral relationship, underpinned by mutual respect and collaborative efforts on various fronts. The leaders of both nations expressed a desire to further solidify these ties in the coming years.

Jordan's Independence Day is celebrated annually on May 25th, commemorating the country's formal independence from the British Mandate in 1946. The UAE has a long history of acknowledging this momentous occasion, highlighting the deep-rooted friendship between the two Arab nations.

This year's exchange of greetings comes at a time of continued regional transformation. The UAE and Jordan have collaborated on numerous initiatives to address economic and security challenges, fostering stability and prosperity in the Middle East.

One prominent area of cooperation is economic development. The UAE has emerged as a significant trading partner for Jordan, with bilateral trade witnessing steady growth in recent years. Both countries recognize the importance of economic diversification and have undertaken joint ventures in various sectors, including tourism, infrastructure development, and renewable energy.

On the security front, the UAE and Jordan have a shared interest in maintaining regional stability. The two nations collaborate on counter-terrorism efforts and have participated in joint military exercises, demonstrating their commitment to collective security.

The UAE's message of congratulations underscores the enduring strength of the UAE-Jordan relationship. As both countries navigate the complexities of the region, their unwavering commitment to mutual cooperation is a positive step towards a more secure and prosperous future for the Middle East.

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