UAE Braces for Intensifying Weather System This Week

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has issued a weather advisory for the United Arab Emirates, predicting a rise in weather volatility starting Monday afternoon and continuing through Wednesday morning. While Sunday and early Monday may see some respite due to a lingering low-pressure system positioned south of the country, residents can expect intermittent rain, particularly in coastal and southern regions.

However, as the week progresses, the weather is forecast to take a turn for the worse. The NCM predicts a deepening of both surface and upper-air low-pressure systems, leading to a nationwide surge in instability. This atmospheric shift will be further fueled by increased humidity originating from the Arabian Sea. The consequence of these converging factors will be the formation of widespread convective clouds, which in turn will trigger variable-intensity rainfall accompanied by lightning, thunder, and the possibility of hail in localized areas.

The potential impact of this weather system extends beyond just precipitation. The NCM warns of potential flooding and strong winds, both of which could significantly impact horizontal visibility. The brunt of the rainfall is expected to hit northern and eastern regions on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning before gradually tapering off by Wednesday evening.

Those residing in the UAE are advised to stay updated on the latest weather forecasts issued by the NCM. This will allow for informed decision-making, particularly regarding travel plans and outdoor activities. The NCM recommends exercising caution during periods of heavy rain and strong winds. It's also crucial to be aware of the potential for flash flooding and to avoid low-lying areas or driving through accumulated water.

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