Tripartite Alliance Forges Path in UAE's Biopharmaceutical Arena

Khalifa University, a leading Emirati institution of higher learning, has joined forces with Mubadala, a prominent Emirati sovereign investment company, and KELIX bio, a life sciences firm, to propel the United Arab Emirates' biopharmaceutical sector forward. This monumental collaboration signifies a strategic push to solidify the UAE's position as a global leader in the life sciences industry.

The alliance intends to leverage the UAE's burgeoning expertise in biopharmaceuticals to concentrate on the development of innovative therapeutic technologies. Areas of immediate focus include oncology, metabolic disorders, neurobiology, rare diseases, and cell and gene therapies alongside genome-based therapeutics. This venture will not only cultivate local research initiatives but also foster long-term prospects for the identification, assessment, and development of life science advancements and potential therapeutic applications.

Mubadala's acquisition of KELIX bio earlier this year served as a critical springboard for this tripartite alliance. This strategic move underscored Mubadala's commitment to bolstering the UAE's biopharmaceutical ecosystem and solidifying the nation's presence in the life sciences sector on a regional and global scale. The collaboration builds upon Mubadala's ongoing efforts to establish a formidable national pharmaceutical champion headquartered in Abu Dhabi. This endeavor aims to refine the UAE's pharmaceutical infrastructure, address prevalent health concerns within the nation, minimize healthcare expenses, bolster the UAE's drug security, and establish another significant milestone on the path towards a resilient, knowledge-based economy.

Researchers at Khalifa University have played a pivotal role in this initiative by spearheading a comprehensive local genome study. This accomplishment significantly contributes to the nationwide effort of constructing a high-quality, all-encompassing reference genome specific to the UAE population. The integration of this crucial data into the collaborative effort is anticipated to expedite advancements in personalized medicine and propel the UAE to the forefront of innovative biopharmaceutical solutions.

The alliance between Khalifa University, Mubadala, and KELIX bio represents a significant stride towards solidifying the UAE's position as a global hub for cutting-edge biopharmaceutical research and development. By harnessing the strengths of each entity – Khalifa University's academic prowess, Mubadala's investment expertise, and KELIX bio's industry know-how – this collaboration is poised to unlock the UAE's full potential in the life sciences domain. This venture is expected to not only generate groundbreaking advancements in healthcare but also create high-value employment opportunities and contribute to the UAE's knowledge-based economy.

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