TRENDS Contributes to Public Opinion Research Discussions at African Conference

TRENDS Research & Advisory, a leading UAE-based research and advisory institute, actively participated in the recent "First Africa World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) SSA conference" held in Mombasa, Kenya. Themed "Shaping a Sustainable Future: Lessons and Legacies from Opinion Polling in Africa," the four-day conference brought together researchers and practitioners from across the continent to discuss the vital role of public opinion research in informing sustainable development efforts.

TRENDS' participation underscored the institute's commitment to advancing the field of public opinion research and promoting its effective use in Africa. Dr. Mohammed Farid Azzi, a Scientific Advisor to the Global Barometer Department at TRENDS, presented a thought-provoking research paper titled "The Attitudes of Arab Maghreb Youth towards Reform and Change." His presentation explored the nuanced perspectives of young people in the Arab Maghreb region regarding various reform initiatives and their aspirations for change, highlighting the importance of incorporating diverse voices into public opinion research endeavors.

The WAPOR-SSA conference offered a valuable platform for experts to share insights and experiences on a wide range of topics related to public opinion research in Africa. A key focus of the discussions centered on the role of opinion polls in shaping sustainable development strategies. Participants explored how effectively designed polls can provide valuable data to policymakers on critical issues such as environmental protection, economic growth, and social inclusion. The conference also examined the impact of new technologies on public opinion research methods, with a particular emphasis on the growing influence of digital tools in data collection and analysis.

Throughout the conference, a strong emphasis was placed on the importance of methodological rigor and ethical considerations in conducting public opinion research. Experts discussed best practices for ensuring the accuracy and representativeness of survey data, as well as the importance of protecting the privacy of respondents.

TRENDS' participation in the WAPOR-SSA conference reflects the institute's ongoing commitment to collaborative research and knowledge sharing. By engaging with leading African and international researchers, TRENDS is well-positioned to contribute to the development of more effective public opinion research methods that can be used to address the complex challenges facing Africa today. The conference provided a valuable opportunity for TRENDS to showcase its expertise in public opinion research and to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the role of this field in shaping a more sustainable future for Africa.

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