Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Graces DIHAD Humanitarian College Graduation

Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, brother of the President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, attended the graduation ceremony of the DIHAD Humanitarian College on Saturday. The ceremony marked a significant milestone for the graduating class, embarking on their journeys in the humanitarian field.

Sheikh Saif's presence at the ceremony underscored the UAE's commitment to fostering a new generation of humanitarian workers. The DIHAD Humanitarian College, established in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment, equips students with the knowledge and skills to alleviate human suffering around the world.

During the ceremony, Sheikh Saif delivered an inspiring speech to the graduates. He commended their dedication to humanitarian service and emphasized the importance of their chosen field. "The world needs more compassionate individuals like yourselves who are willing to make a positive difference," he remarked.

The Sheikh also highlighted the UAE's long history of humanitarian leadership. The country has consistently ranked among the world's leading donors of foreign aid, providing critical assistance to those in need during times of crisis. Sheikh Saif's attendance at the graduation ceremony served as a powerful symbol of this ongoing commitment.

The graduates of the DIHAD Humanitarian College represent a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities. The college's curriculum equips them with a comprehensive understanding of humanitarian principles, international law, and disaster relief practices. Students also gain practical experience through internships and volunteer opportunities with leading humanitarian organizations.

The ceremony itself was a joyous occasion, filled with celebratory music and speeches. Graduates were presented with their diplomas by college officials and dignitaries, including Sheikh Saif. The graduates' families and friends were also present to share in their achievements.

The DIHAD Humanitarian College graduation ceremony marked a significant moment not only for the graduates but also for the UAE's humanitarian sector. The college's graduates are poised to make a real difference in the world, carrying forward the UAE's legacy of compassion and generosity.

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