Sharjah Extends Helping Hand to Residents with Free Vehicle Destruction Certificates

In a move to ease the burden on residents impacted by recent severe weather, Sharjah Police has announced that vehicle destruction certificates will be issued free of charge. This initiative aims to streamline the process of deregistering vehicles rendered inoperable due to weather damage.

Brigadier Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, emphasized the department's commitment to supporting the community during challenging times. "We understand the significant difficulties residents face when their vehicles are damaged beyond repair due to natural disasters," he said. "By offering free destruction certificates, we hope to simplify the process and remove any financial obstacles associated with deregistration."

Previously, obtaining a vehicle destruction certificate involved a nominal fee. While the cost itself wasn't substantial, it adds to the overall financial strain residents experience after a weather event. This initiative by Sharjah Police demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing resident concerns and demonstrates their understanding of the cumulative impact such situations can have.

The free destruction certificates can be obtained through Sharjah Police's official channels. Residents are advised to contact their nearest police station or visit the department's website for specific details on the application process and required documentation.

Sharjah has recently experienced bouts of severe weather, leading to flash floods and property damage. Many vehicles were submerged in floodwaters or sustained significant hail damage, rendering them irreparable. Deregistering such vehicles is crucial to avoid accruing further fees and ensuring insurance claims can be processed smoothly.

The free destruction certificate program is a welcome relief for residents struggling with the aftermath of the weather events. It exemplifies Sharjah Police's commitment to public service and their dedication to supporting the community during times of need. The initiative is expected to benefit a significant number of residents and expedite the process of deregistering weather-damaged vehicles.

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