National EPC Company Constructs Crucial Equipment for Major UAE Refinery Project

The National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC), a leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, has achieved a significant milestone in the Ruwais refinery expansion project. The company has successfully manufactured and delivered 23 storage tanks, a critical component for the enhanced processing capabilities of the refinery.

The Ruwais refinery is one of the largest refineries in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the expansion project aims to significantly increase its production capacity. NPCC's involvement in the project highlights its expertise in delivering complex EPC projects for the oil and gas sector.

The newly manufactured storage tanks were built to exacting specifications and underwent rigorous testing to ensure they meet the strictest safety and quality standards. The tanks will play a vital role in storing various refined products, enabling the refinery to efficiently manage its production output and meet growing regional demand for fuel products.

NPCC's successful delivery of the storage tanks underscores its commitment to supporting the UAE's oil and gas industry and its strategic vision for energy security. The company's proven track record in executing large-scale EPC projects positions it as a key partner for major oil and gas developments in the region.

In addition to the fabrication of the storage tanks, NPCC is also responsible for other crucial aspects of the Ruwais refinery expansion project. This includes the construction of pipelines, process equipment installation, and electrical and instrumentation works. The company's integrated approach ensures seamless project execution and timely delivery.

The Ruwais refinery expansion project is a significant undertaking that will contribute to the UAE's goal of becoming a leading energy hub. NPCC's contribution to the project demonstrates its capabilities in delivering complex EPC projects that meet the ever-evolving needs of the oil and gas industry.

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