Mountain Luxury Takes the Top Spot for Priciest US Vacation Destination

For those with a penchant for posh escapes, a new study by travel experts reveals the US vacation haven that will set you back the most. According to Optimostravel, a travel blog, Aspen, a scenic mountain town nestled in Colorado, snatches the crown for the most expensive domestic vacation destination.

The analysis, which factored in daily costs, found that Aspen travelers can expect to shell out a hefty $761.39 per person, per day. This translates to a grand total of $5,329.72 for a week-long luxurious escapade.

Accommodation appears to be a significant contributor to the hefty price tag. Aspen boasts opulent stays with an average nightly cost of a staggering $494.56. Foodies seeking gourmet delights won't be disappointed either, but their wallets will likely feel the pinch, with daily meals averaging a cool $100.50.

The hefty price tag, however, does come with undeniable perks. Optimostravel highlights the breathtaking scenery of Aspen, aptly describing it as a place where "breathtaking scenery comes with a premium price tag." Those seeking adventure can partake in various activities amidst the stunning backdrop, while luxury shoppers can indulge in Aspen's high-end stores.

While Aspen takes the top spot, Park City, Utah, emerges as a close second on the list of most expensive US vacation spots. Here, travelers can expect nightly stays to cost around $471 and daily meals at $93.75, placing it firmly in the luxury travel territory.

The findings by Optimostravel serve as a valuable resource for discerning travelers seeking an opulent US vacation experience. While the price tag might be substantial, the unparalleled luxury and breathtaking beauty Aspen offers could be worth the splurge for those seeking an unforgettable getaway.

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