Landmark Border Deal Between Azerbaijan and Armenia Welcomed by UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) threw its weight behind the recent agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia to demarcate their shared border, expressing hope for a lasting peace in the region. The UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement on April 21st, applauding the development as a positive step towards "establishing security and stability in the region."

For decades, tensions between the two nations have simmered over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Violent clashes have erupted several times in recent years, most notably in the devastating six-week war of 2020. The conflict claimed thousands of lives and resulted in Armenian territorial concessions. The newly struck demarcation agreement comes after months of Russia-brokered negotiations aimed at fostering a fragile peace.

The UAE's statement underscored its support for "all regional and international efforts" working to achieve a "just and lasting" resolution to the conflict. The demarcation process itself is a significant confidence-building measure, focusing on establishing a clear border line in four specific villages. It paves the way for potentially broader discussions on a permanent peace agreement.

Analysts believe the UAE's endorsement of the deal stems from its growing economic and political ties with both Azerbaijan and Armenia. The UAE has cultivated strong trade relations with resource-rich Azerbaijan, particularly in the oil and gas sector. It has also developed a blossoming partnership with Armenia, particularly in the areas of tourism and renewable energy. A stable and peaceful Caucasus region is seen as beneficial for the UAE's expanding influence and investment opportunities.

The road to lasting peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia remains complex. Deep-rooted historical grievances and lingering nationalist sentiments continue to pose challenges. However, the demarcation agreement represents a critical milestone, demonstrating a willingness from both sides to engage in dialogue and find common ground. The international community, including the UAE, will likely play a crucial role in supporting further confidence-building measures and facilitating a comprehensive peace process.

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