Etihad Credit Insurance Champions Collaboration at Berne Union Meeting

The Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI), the United Arab Emirates' federal export credit company, actively participated in the recent Berne Union Spring Meeting held in Oslo, Norway. The meeting, which took place from April 23rd to 25th, served as a key platform for Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) to discuss their evolving role in a rapidly changing global trade environment.

A central theme that emerged during the discussions was the importance of strategic partnerships in mitigating trade risks and fostering economic growth. ECI representatives emphasized their commitment to this approach, highlighting the value of collaboration amongst ECAs to navigate the complexities of the international trade landscape.

The participation of ECI at the Berne Union meeting extended beyond simply attending sessions. The UAE agency actively contributed to the dialogue, particularly during a panel discussion focused on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. ECI shared its experiences and perspectives on how ECAs can best support businesses operating in this dynamic region.

This engagement with regional peers is a key aspect of ECI's overall strategy. By fostering open communication and collaboration, ECAs can develop more effective tools and services to empower businesses engaged in international trade.

A critical point underscored by ECI during the Berne Union meeting was the increasing significance of sustainability in global trade finance. The agency expressed its belief that ECAs have a vital role to play in promoting sustainable economic development by supporting businesses that prioritize environmental responsibility and social good.

ECI's active participation in the Berne Union Spring Meeting further solidifies its position as a leading voice in the global trade credit insurance sector. The agency's commitment to collaboration, its focus on the MENA region, and its emphasis on sustainability all contribute to its goal of fostering a more robust and sustainable international trade environment.

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