Dubai Charity Offers Thousands Iftar Meals During Ramadan

Dubai's Dar Al Ber Society, a long-standing humanitarian organization, distributed 90,000 Iftar meals throughout Ramadan this year. For many Muslims, Iftar is the evening meal that breaks the daily fast during the holy month. The Society, whose name translates to "House of Charity" in Arabic, has been providing this essential service to Dubai's communities since its founding in 1978.

Ensuring quality and hygiene are priorities for Dar Al Ber. Each meal is carefully prepared to provide a nutritious and delicious break-fast for those observing the Ramadan fast. Typical meals consist of flavorful dishes like biryani, along with dates, fruits, laban (a yogurt drink), and water. The Society distributes the meals directly to mosques across Dubai, ensuring accessibility for worshippers.

This charitable initiative by Dar Al Ber reflects the importance of community during Ramadan. Sharing the Iftar meal together fosters a sense of unity and togetherness among Muslims. The act of giving to those in need is also a core tenet of Islam, and Dar Al Ber's program provides an opportunity for Dubai's residents to fulfill this religious obligation.

The Society's efforts extend far beyond providing Iftar meals. Dar Al Ber offers a wide range of social services, including financial aid, educational programs, and healthcare initiatives. They play a significant role in supporting Dubai's most vulnerable residents throughout the year.

Dubai's multicultural and multinational character is reflected in the diversity of those who benefit from Dar Al Ber's charitable programs. The organization does not discriminate based on nationality or religion, ensuring that those in need receive the help they require. This inclusive approach embodies the spirit of Ramadan, a time for compassion, generosity, and helping others.

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