Committee Begins Damage Assessment

A committee assembled by the UAE Cabinet to assess the destruction caused by recent floods convened its inaugural meeting on Sunday. The committee, led by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, will work to determine the scope of the damage and establish a roadmap for recovery efforts.

The unprecedented floods resulted in widespread devastation across numerous emirates, impacting infrastructure, homes, and businesses. An accurate assessment of the destruction is vital to securing the resources required to rebuild and aid those affected.

The meeting, chaired by Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, the UAE Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, included representatives from various federal and local government agencies, along with emergency response organizations. A key focus of the meeting was outlining the committee's priorities and establishing a plan to evaluate the condition of roads, infrastructure, and dams.

One of the initial actions identified by the Minister is the establishment of four specialized technical committees. These committees will be tasked with assessing damage to specific areas: roads and infrastructure, houses and properties, dams and water facilities, and energy and water. This compartmentalization will ensure a thorough and efficient evaluation process.

The committee has set an ambitious deadline of one week to deliver a detailed report on the damage assessment. This swift action plan reflects the UAE government's commitment to providing prompt support to those impacted by the floods.

To ensure a comprehensive assessment, officials are urging residents to report any flood damage to their properties. The committee will incorporate this information into its overall evaluation. Residents can expect regular updates on the committee's progress in the coming weeks.

The UAE has a proven track record of effectively managing crises and natural disasters. The swift formation and initial meeting of this committee are positive indications of a well-coordinated recovery effort underway. The committee's work will be central to ensuring a comprehensive and timely response to the recent floods.

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