AD Ports Sets Sights on Global Lubricant Market

AD Ports Group, a UAE-based leader in trade, logistics, and industrial operations, announced a strategic agreement with Adnoc Distribution, the country's top manufacturer of lubricants. This collaboration marks a significant shift for AD Ports, venturing into the global lubricant distribution market.

The agreement leverages the strengths of both entities. AD Ports' Ports Cluster, boasting a network of 24 terminals across the globe, offers a robust logistics infrastructure perfectly suited for lubricant distribution. Adnoc Distribution, on the other hand, brings its expertise in producing high-quality marine and automotive lubricants that meet stringent international standards.

Initially, the focus will be on serving customers within the UAE. However, the long-term vision is to establish a global distribution network, capitalizing on AD Ports' extensive international reach. This strategic partnership positions both companies to capture a larger share of the global marine lubricants market, a sector crucial for the smooth operation of the shipping and maritime industries.

"This agreement brings together two major corporations with unparalleled expertise in their respective fields," said Saif Al Mazrouei, Chief Executive Officer of AD Ports' Ports Cluster. "Our collaboration creates exciting new opportunities within the marine lubricants market, and our distribution solutions offer significant value to our partners and stakeholders."

Bader Al Lamki, Chief Executive Officer of Adnoc Distribution, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the agreement's potential to expand their market reach. "By partnering with the Ports Cluster, we are significantly broadening our product distribution base," he remarked. "This agreement grants us access to over 70 international destinations, enabling us to deliver our top-tier lubricants to a wider customer base and ensure a consistent, reliable supply chain."

The financial details of the agreement were not disclosed. However, industry analysts suggest this partnership holds immense potential for both companies. AD Ports gains a new revenue stream by leveraging its existing infrastructure, while Adnoc Distribution benefits from a wider market reach and potentially higher sales volumes.

This strategic alliance not only strengthens the position of both AD Ports and Adnoc Distribution within their respective industries but also underscores the UAE's growing importance as a global logistics and industrial hub. With its well-developed infrastructure, strategic location, and commitment to fostering strategic partnerships, the UAE is poised to play an increasingly prominent role in the global trade and industrial landscape.

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