AD Ports Group Reports Surge in Revenue

AD Ports Group (ADX: ADPORTS), a key player in global trade, logistics, and industrial development, reported a staggering 112% year-on-year surge in revenue, reaching AED 11.7 billion.

AD Ports Group solidified its position as a global trade leader by establishing a presence in new territories. Through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, the Group expanded its footprint into Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, the Republic of the Congo, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. This strategic move broadens the company's service offerings and strengthens its role in facilitating international trade.

A cornerstone of the Group's global expansion strategy was the successful integration of Noatum, a Spain-based logistics giant. Noatum boasts a presence in 27 countries and is a prominent leader in Europe's automotive sector. This acquisition significantly bolsters AD Ports Group's logistics capabilities and reach.

AD Ports Group's commitment to operational excellence is also highlighted in the Annual Report. The Group achieved remarkable growth across its core maritime, shipping, and ports sectors. Notably, the Ports Cluster witnessed a 40% year-on-year revenue increase, driven by strong performances in general cargo, Ro-Ro, and cruise segments.

Looking ahead, AD Ports Group remains dedicated to its strategic goals of facilitating global trade, driving industrial growth, and fostering a world-class logistics infrastructure. The Group's 2023 Annual Report serves as a testament to its commitment to these objectives and its remarkable achievements in the past year.

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