Abu Dhabi Unveils Online Portal to Strengthen Healthcare Workforce

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) unveiled a new online platform, Kawader, at GITEX Global 2022. This initiative aims to streamline recruitment within the emirate's healthcare sector by connecting qualified professionals with institutions seeking to fill vacancies.

Kawader responds to Abu Dhabi's growing need for a robust healthcare workforce. The platform recognizes the importance of attracting and retaining talented medical professionals across various specializations, including nursing, emergency medicine, and internal medicine. By creating a centralized hub for job postings and candidate profiles, Kawader aspires to bridge the gap between qualified healthcare workers and employers.

The platform caters to both healthcare professionals and institutions. Medical workers can build profiles highlighting their qualifications and experience, allowing them to search for suitable opportunities and even recommend relevant positions to colleagues. Healthcare facilities can leverage Kawader to advertise open positions and browse applicant profiles to identify potential hires. This streamlined process facilitates direct communication between employers and potential employees, expediting the recruitment process.

Dr. Rashid Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Healthcare Workforce Planning Sector at DoH, emphasized the department's commitment to investing in human capital within the healthcare sector. Kawader aligns with this vision by fostering a talent pool that supports the delivery of high-quality and efficient healthcare services across Abu Dhabi.

The platform's design ensures adaptability to the evolving needs of the emirate's healthcare sector. Kawader takes into account fluctuating workforce requirements and future projections to ensure a balance between available personnel and anticipated demands. This ensures that Abu Dhabi's healthcare system can continue to provide exceptional care for its citizens and residents.

The launch of Kawader reflects Abu Dhabi's ongoing commitment to developing a world-class healthcare system. By prioritizing a skilled and qualified workforce, the emirate is well-positioned to deliver exceptional care for its population. Kawader serves as a testament to Abu Dhabi's dedication to fostering a robust and efficient healthcare sector.

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