Abu Dhabi Authority Hosts Groundbreaking Conference to Tackle Food Fraud in the Region

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) is taking a pioneering step towards fortifying food safety across the region. The Authority is hosting a first-of-its-kind international conference, "Together to Combat Food Fraud," set for April 23rd and 24th in Abu Dhabi. This initiative signifies a strong commitment to establishing best practices and fostering collaboration in the fight against food fraud.

The conference serves as a platform for representatives from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations, international regulatory bodies, and stakeholders within the UAE's private sector, including producers, manufacturers, and food establishments. Participants will engage in discussions on best practices, cutting-edge advancements observed globally in thwarting food fraud, and the implementation of robust anti-food fraud measures at the national level.

ADAFSA's dedication to combating food fraud extends beyond the conference. The Authority actively participates in relevant global events, intensifies inspection protocols for imported food products entering Abu Dhabi through ports and points of sale, and prioritizes consumer education on identifying, addressing, and reporting food fraud practices. These efforts all contribute to ADAFSA's overarching mission of ensuring food safety, bolstering consumer confidence in the food supply chain, and solidifying the UAE's position as a global leader in food security.

The conference agenda features presentations by ADAFSA experts, showcasing the Authority's initiatives and achievements in combating food fraud. Alongside the conference, an exhibition will be held, providing a platform for showcasing the latest technologies employed in food fraud detection. This comprehensive approach underscores ADAFSA's commitment to a multi-faceted strategy for safeguarding the region's food supply chain.

The Abu Dhabi conference comes at a crucial time. Food fraud is a significant global concern, impacting public health, economic stability, and consumer trust. By uniting key stakeholders and fostering knowledge exchange, ADAFSA's initiative paves the way for a more secure and dependable food system across the region.

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