Yas Bay Shores: Miral Announces Expansion with Dual Beach Developments

Yas Island, Abu Dhabi's entertainment hub, is about to get even bigger. Miral, the mastermind behind captivating destinations in the emirate, has unveiled plans to develop two brand new beaches at Yas Bay Waterfront. This exciting expansion will further solidify Yas Island's position as a premier day-to-night leisure and entertainment hub.

Each beach will stretch a cool 280 meters, offering a combined total of 560 meters of pristine beachfront for visitors to enjoy. These developments aim to complement the already impressive array of experiences available at Yas Bay Waterfront, seamlessly integrating with the existing lifestyle and leisure offerings.

The two beaches will cater to distinct preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone. West Beach, situated on the west side of the pier, has families firmly in mind. Picture this: children frolicking in dedicated play areas while parents relax on the shore. World-class restaurants, enticing food trucks, and pedestrian walkways will further enhance the family-friendly atmosphere.

Meanwhile, East Beach, located on the opposite side of the pier near the award-winning Etihad Arena, takes a more active approach. Fitness enthusiasts will rejoice at the sight of outdoor exercise spaces, while sports zones beckon volleyball and beach football aficionados.

This strategic development by Miral goes beyond creating new beaches. It's about enriching the Yas Bay Waterfront experience, offering a wider variety of leisure options for residents and tourists alike. Whether you seek a relaxing family getaway or an invigorating day by the beach, Yas Bay will soon cater to your desires.

Jonathan Brown, Miral's Chief Portfolio Officer, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, stating, "We are thrilled to enhance our leisure and lifestyle offerings at Yas Bay Waterfront with the announcement of these two beach developments. These exciting additions are a testament to our vision of creating a truly diverse and unique destination on Yas Island. We believe this expansion will solidify Yas Island's position as a global leader in leisure and entertainment, while also contributing to Abu Dhabi's wider tourism ambitions."

The development timeline and exact opening dates for the two beaches haven't been officially announced yet. However, with this exciting news, Yas Island is undoubtedly poised to become an even more attractive proposition for visitors seeking an unforgettable getaway.

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