UAE Delivers Lifeline to Syria with Third Aid Shipment

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) extended its humanitarian support to Syria yet again, with a third aid ship docking at Latakia port on April 16, 2023. This latest delivery, part of "Operation Gallant Knight/2," underscores the UAE's unwavering commitment to assisting the Syrian people in recovering from the devastating February earthquake.

The largest aid vessel deployed in the operation thus far, the ship carried a staggering 2,215 tonnes of critical supplies. This substantial cargo encompassed 1,392.5 tonnes of vital foodstuffs, ensuring immediate food security for the earthquake-affected population. Additionally, 822.5 tonnes of relief and medical supplies were onboard, providing much-needed medical assistance to those injured or displaced by the disaster. Recognizing the long-term challenges posed by the earthquake, the shipment also included 685 tonnes of building materials. These materials will be instrumental in rebuilding damaged infrastructure and facilitating the process of reconstruction.

Hammoud Abdullah Al Junaibi, Acting Secretary-General of the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), the UAE's primary humanitarian organization, emphasized the nation's unwavering commitment to mitigating the earthquake's aftereffects. He highlighted the leadership's dedication to offering the Syrian people the most effective humanitarian aid possible, enabling them to overcome the current hardship. Al Junaibi further stressed the ERC's commitment to expanding its relief efforts within the framework of "Operation Gallant Knight/2." Their multifaceted approach aims to alleviate the suffering caused by the catastrophe across various sectors.

Amer Ismail Hilal, the Governor of Latakia, expressed his profound appreciation for the UAE's unwavering support. He lauded the UAE's efforts in mitigating the suffering of those impacted by the earthquake and its unwavering solidarity with the Syrian people throughout the disaster's various stages.

The UAE's humanitarian intervention in Syria exemplifies the nation's dedication to international cooperation and its unwavering commitment to assisting communities in need. "Operation Gallant Knight/2" stands as a testament to this dedication, providing a vital lifeline to Syria during this critical juncture.

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