Trakhees Steps Up Inspections, Uncovers Violations

The Department of Planning and Development (Trakhees), the regulatory body overseeing Dubai's Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, significantly intensified its inspection efforts throughout 2023. Trakhees inspectors conducted more than 22,249 inspections across various retail facilities within its designated development zones. These inspections resulted in the identification of 450 violations spanning multiple sectors.

Trakhees' Licensing Department recently released official statistics highlighting the substantial increase in inspections conducted during 2023. Compared to 2022, the number of inspections rose by an impressive 108 percent. In 2022, Trakhees' Commercial and Retail Inspection Department conducted 10,692 inspections, uncovering 220 violations.

Trakhees CEO, Abdullah Belhoul, emphasized the department's methodical approach to inspections. He explained that Trakhees meticulously plans and schedules a series of inspection tours across various sectors. This ensures comprehensive oversight and fosters compliance with regulations.

The department's intensified efforts reflect Dubai's commitment to maintaining the highest standards within its free zones and retail sectors. By proactively identifying and addressing violations, Trakhees helps to ensure consumer protection, public safety, and a fair business environment.

The specific nature of the violations identified during the inspections was not disclosed. However, the increased number of inspections indicates Trakhees' dedication to upholding its regulatory standards. This focus on compliance is vital for maintaining Dubai's position as a global center for trade and commerce.

Trakhees' inspection efforts play a crucial role in safeguarding consumer rights and promoting a level playing field for businesses operating within Dubai's free zones and retail sectors. The substantial rise in inspections during 2023 demonstrates the department's unwavering commitment to fostering a secure and prosperous business environment in Dubai.

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