Tabreed Cheers Stellar Year with Record Dividend Payout

Tabreed, the United Arab Emirates' leading district cooling provider, culminated a banner year by securing shareholder approval for a record-breaking dividend payout for the 2023 fiscal year. The announcement, made during the company's Annual General Assembly, signifies Tabreed's robust financial performance and its commitment to rewarding its investors.

This year's dividend, set at 15.5 fils per share and distributed entirely in cash, marks a significant increase of 15% compared to the previous year. The decision reflects Tabreed's impressive financial trajectory in 2023, which saw a 9% uptick in revenue and a remarkable 25% growth in net profit before tax to parent.

Khaled Abdullah Al Qubaisi, Tabreed's Chairman, hailed the company's achievements and emphasized the growing prominence of district cooling solutions. "As global focus intensifies on rising cooling demands while combating climate change, district cooling emerges as a well-established and proven answer," Al Qubaisi remarked.

Tabreed's exceptional performance can be attributed to several factors. The company's strategic expansion into new markets, coupled with its commitment to operational excellence, has yielded significant results. Additionally, Tabreed's focus on sustainability resonates with the increasing environmental concerns, positioning them favorably for future growth.

The company's unwavering dedication to innovation has also played a pivotal role in its success. Tabreed remains at the forefront of developing cutting-edge district cooling technologies that enhance efficiency and minimize environmental impact. This commitment to sustainable practices ensures long-term viability while aligning with global environmental goals.

Looking ahead, Tabreed seems poised for continued success. The district cooling market is anticipated to witness substantial growth in the coming years, driven by factors like urbanization, rising energy costs, and growing environmental awareness. Tabreed's established presence, coupled with its commitment to innovation and sustainability, positions them to capitalize on these market trends.

The company's robust financial performance and commitment to shareholder value are likely to solidify investor confidence. The record-breaking dividend payout serves as a testament to Tabreed's financial health and its dedication to rewarding its shareholders for their continued trust. With a solid foundation and a clear vision for the future, Tabreed appears well-equipped to navigate the evolving market landscape and maintain its position as a leader in the district cooling industry.

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