Expo Sharjah and Council of Arab Economic Unity Forge Partnership

Expo Sharjah, a leading Emirati exhibition center, has joined forces with the Council of Arab Economic Unity (CAEU) to bolster the Arab world's exhibition sector. This collaborative effort comes amidst a period of transformation for the industry, with stakeholders grappling with the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-evolving landscape of exhibitions and conferences.

Discussions between Expo Sharjah and CAEU centered on harnessing the collective resources of the Arab world to establish a more robust and competitive exhibition industry. A key area of focus was the need for enhanced cooperation between Arab nations. By fostering knowledge sharing and streamlining practices, the vision is to create a more unified Arab exhibition landscape, allowing each participating nation to leverage the strengths of others.

The talks also highlighted the importance of embracing technological advancements. The pandemic-induced shift towards virtual and hybrid events has underscored the potential of digital tools. By investing in and strengthening digital infrastructure, Arab exhibition centers can cater to a wider audience and expand their reach beyond geographical limitations.

Expo Sharjah, under the leadership of its CEO, Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, has been at the forefront of promoting innovation within the Arab exhibition industry. Al Midfa, who also chairs the Arab Union for International Exhibitions and Conferences (AUIEC) – an organization operating under the CAEU's umbrella – has emphasized the need for a forward-looking approach. This includes fostering an environment that encourages and supports the development of cutting-edge solutions for the exhibition sector.

The collaboration between Expo Sharjah and CAEU extends beyond just technological advancements. A shared objective is to establish a more sustainable exhibition industry. This encompasses not just environmental considerations but also ensuring the long-term viability of the sector.

Government support also emerged as a crucial element in the discussions. Representatives from both Expo Sharjah and CAEU acknowledged the need for targeted government initiatives that provide financial assistance and encourage investment in the exhibition industry. Such programs would not only bolster existing events but also pave the way for the development of new and innovative exhibition concepts.

The combined efforts of Expo Sharjah and CAEU are expected to have a significant impact on the Arab world's exhibition sector. By fostering collaboration, harnessing technology, and advocating for government support, they aim to create a more robust, sustainable, and future-proof exhibition industry that contributes meaningfully to the economic development of the Arab region.

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