Sharjah Charity Serves Up Hope: Ramadan Iftar Project Nourishes Over a Quarter Million Worldwide

The Sharjah Charity International (SCI) has dished up a heartwarming achievement this Ramadan. Their annual Iftar project, offering meals to those breaking their fast, has provided sustenance to a staggering 250,000 people across 43 countries.

This initiative operates throughout the holy month, ensuring those in need have access to a nourishing meal to end their daily fast. The SCI's Ramadan project forms a cornerstone of their yearly efforts to assist vulnerable communities during this significant Islamic period.

"The importance of the Ramadan Iftar project cannot be overstated," said Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Ali, Director of Project Management and External Aid at SCI. He emphasized the project's role in supporting those facing hardship, highlighting its place within the SCI's wider Ramadan aid programs.

The project specifically targets both citizens and residents of the recipient countries, with a particular focus on refugees residing in camps. Beneficiaries hailed from a diverse range of nations, with significant numbers receiving aid in Egypt (20,000), Bahrain (10,000), Ethiopia (6,000), and India (15,000). Other countries included Malawi (7,000), Jordan (4,000), Bosnia (5,000), Pakistan (4,000), Afghanistan (4,000), Morocco (4,000), and even Brazil (2,000).

SCI's Ramadan project exemplifies the spirit of the holy month, fostering feelings of community and togetherness during a time of reflection and selflessness. By providing essential meals to such a vast number of people, the SCI has ensured that those in need can observe Ramadan with a sense of peace and security.

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