Over 4,300 Emirati Families Benefit from Zayed Housing Programme

The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme (SZHP) announced it delivered significant support to Emirati families in 2023. A total of 4,334 housing decisions were issued, valued at AED 3.34 billion (approximately USD 913 million). These decisions encompassed two primary categories: housing finance and housing grants.

The majority of the allocations, 3,015 decisions valued at AED 2.38 billion, were directed towards housing finance. This financial assistance enables eligible Emirati citizens to acquire property through loans with favorable terms. The remaining 1,025 decisions, amounting to AED 682.3 million, were awarded as housing grants. Housing grants provide direct financial support to recipients for the construction or renovation of their homes.

This substantial investment by the SZHP underscores the UAE's commitment to ensuring the well-being of its citizens. Affordable housing is a cornerstone of a secure and stable society, and the program plays a vital role in fulfilling this objective. The variety of assistance offered caters to the diverse needs of Emirati families. Housing finance empowers citizens to become homeowners through a manageable loan structure, while housing grants provide a significant financial contribution towards the construction of their dream homes.

The specific breakdown of how these decisions were distributed geographically across the emirates was not disclosed. However, the nationwide scope of the SZHP ensures that Emirati families throughout the country have the opportunity to benefit from this critical program.

The announcement by the SZHP highlights the UAE's ongoing dedication to its citizens' well-being. By prioritizing affordable housing solutions, the program lays the groundwork for a society where families can thrive.

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