Al Maryah Community Bank Secures Naming Rights for Emarat Stations

The Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat), a major fuel distributor in the United Arab Emirates, has taken a pioneering step by granting naming rights for its stations for the first time. The recipient of this historic deal is Al Maryah Community Bank, a leading digital bank in the UAE. This strategic partnership marks the beginning of Project Landmark, an initiative by Emarat to transform its gas stations into integrated service hubs.

The agreement positions Al Maryah Community Bank as a global trailblazer, becoming the first entity ever to secure naming rights for a gas station. This move signifies a significant boost for the bank's visibility and brand recognition. By integrating its brand identity with Emarat's established network of stations, Al Maryah Community Bank gains access to a wider customer base and strategic touchpoints across the UAE.

This partnership extends beyond mere branding. The collaboration aims to elevate the customer experience at Emarat stations. Through Al Maryah Community Bank's Mbank Wallet application, customers will be able to enjoy secure, seamless, and fast payment transactions. This integration leverages the bank's digital expertise to streamline the payment process, offering greater convenience for Emarat's clientele.

For Emarat, the partnership with Al Maryah Community Bank represents a significant step towards realizing Project Landmark's vision. Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Director General of Emarat, emphasized the project's potential to unlock promising returns for both existing and prospective partners. He highlighted the initiative's role in establishing Emarat stations as a cornerstone for a comprehensive commercial ecosystem encompassing local, regional, and international markets.

Project Landmark goes beyond just inking brand deals. Emarat envisions its gas stations evolving into integrated service platforms, offering a wider range of services and amenities beyond just refueling. This strategic partnership with Al Maryah Community Bank serves as a springboard for this transformation, paving the way for the incorporation of additional services within Emarat stations in the future.

Looking ahead, the success of this inaugural partnership will be closely watched by the industry. It has the potential to set a precedent for future collaborations between fuel distributors and financial institutions, not just in the UAE but on a global scale. The integration of digital banking solutions into the gas station experience could become a defining trend, shaping the future of customer convenience in the fuel retail sector.

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