Equipping Organizers: Abu Dhabi Police Prepares Mafraq Event Planners with C7 Knowledge

The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters recently held an introductory lecture focused on familiarizing event organizers in Mafraq with the C7 system. The program, titled "C7 System: An Introduction for Event Organizers," aimed to equip Mafraq's event planning community with a comprehensive understanding of the C7 system and its functionalities.

The lecture, delivered by specialists from the Abu Dhabi Police, shed light on the core functionalities of the C7 system. C7 serves as a central platform designed to streamline the permit application process for events held within the emirate. Through the C7 system, event organizers can submit all necessary applications and documentation electronically, ensuring a more efficient and transparent process.

The program delved into the various stages of utilizing the C7 system. Attendees gained insights into the process of registering on the platform, familiarized themselves with the user interface, and learned how to navigate the system for various event-related permit applications. The specialists also addressed the types of permits available through C7, ensuring a well-rounded understanding for Mafraq's event planning community.

Colonel Rashid Khalfan Al Shamsi, Director of Mafraq Police Station, emphasized the significance of the C7 system in enhancing communication and collaboration between event organizers and the Abu Dhabi Police. "The C7 system fosters a streamlined and efficient approach to event planning within the emirate," Colonel Al Shamsi remarked. "By equipping Mafraq's event organizers with a thorough understanding of this platform, we aim to facilitate a smoother and more collaborative event management process."

The Abu Dhabi Police's initiative highlights their commitment to fostering a supportive environment for the emirate's event planning sector. Equipping Mafraq's event organizers with the knowledge and skills to navigate the C7 system effectively will contribute to a more streamlined and efficient event planning process within the region. This, in turn, is likely to bolster Abu Dhabi's position as a premier destination for hosting various events.

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