Automation Transforms Saudi Pharma Supply Chain

A partnership between global intralogistics leader SSI Schaefer and prominent Saudi Arabian healthcare company Nahdi has yielded impressive results, revolutionizing the pharmaceutical supply chain in the Middle East. Two years after its launch, Nahdi's IMDAD facility, designed and implemented by SSI Schaefer, boasts significant gains in efficiency, capacity, and overall competitive advantage.

The IMDAD facility, located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is a shining example of how automation and data-driven solutions can empower the pharmaceutical sector. Prior to the partnership, Nahdi faced challenges in managing a growing inventory and fulfilling orders efficiently. SSI Schaefer's expertise in designing and integrating automated systems addressed these issues head-on.

The IMDAD facility is now a model of streamlined operations. At the heart of the transformation lies a sophisticated warehouse automation system featuring storage and retrieval robots that zip along designated tracks, precisely locating and maneuvering medical supplies. This automation has resulted in a staggering 98.5% increase in efficiency, allowing Nahdi to process and fulfill orders at an unprecedented rate.

But the benefits extend beyond speed. The IMDAD facility now boasts a vastly increased storage capacity, capable of housing a staggering 100,000 different pharmaceutical items. This expanded capacity ensures a wider range of critical medical supplies are readily available to meet the demands of the region's healthcare system.

Significantly, the partnership between SSI Schaefer and Nahdi goes beyond simply installing a high-tech system. SSI Schaefer's experience proved invaluable throughout the entire process, from initial design and consultation to implementation and ongoing support. This comprehensive approach ensures Nahdi can not only leverage the power of automation but also maintain and optimize the system for maximum long-term benefit.

The success of the IMDAD facility has far-reaching implications. It serves as a powerful case study for the transformative potential of automation within the Middle Eastern pharmaceutical supply chain. By demonstrating the tangible benefits in efficiency, capacity, and resilience, the partnership between SSI Schaefer and Nahdi paves the way for a future where automation plays a key role in ensuring timely access to critical medical supplies across the region.

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